Sushma Swaraj unites a Pakistani bride with her Indian groom


Sushma Swaraj has proved that she is the coolest minister by helping people in distress. This time she has come to the rescue of India-Pakistan couple.

Jodhpur resident Naresh Tewani and his Karachi-based fiancee Priya Bachchani, who are planning to tie the knot a month from now, were facing anxious moments as the Indian embassy in Pakistan had not granted visas to the bride’s family and relatives.


According to the groom, despite having applied for visas in the prescribed time and format, no one from the bride’s side has been issued the travel documents Mr. Tewani then reached out to Ms. Swaraj on Twitter for help.


Sushma Swaraj almost instantly took a stand for the couple across the borders and promised to unite the lovers.


And that’s how Sushma Swaraj does it, simple and powerful.

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