Suspense Over! Famous Jammu teachers reveal names of their favorite students


A Teacher is the one who teaches us etiquettes, to love, to help, to grow, to fight, to pray, to learn, to share, to care, to respect and all the things that make us who we are.

So, let us thank our daily mentors from whom we have learnt at one some point of time in our lives in one way or the other, be it in schools, tuitions, gyms, college, theatre, music or dance. They have inspired us and have a large part to play in the little things we achieve in life and the bigger ones too.

U4U Voice exclusively interviewed some renowned Jammu Guru’s from every genre of learning. And this is what they had to say:

  1. Padma shri Balwant Thakur



Mr. Thakur is an Indian theatre personality and scholar, started theatre direction since 1978 known for bringing Dogri theatre to international notice. He was honoured by the Government of India, in 2013, by bestowing on him the Padma Shri, the fourth highest civilian award, for his contributions to the field of theatre.

When asked about his favourite student Mr. Thakur said, “I started theatre direction in 1978 and since then there have been endless number of people with whom I have been associated with. The trend of student teacher that time was totally different from now. Now I am working with our new generation where the trend has totally changed. This generation wants everything instant. Teachers are supposed to give challenges to the students. I have seen changing role of a teacher since then and now. Though, we have established schools of learning but there has been a changing phenomenon. Biggest challenge now I find is our youth wants everything instant. There is no patience in the learners. Learning is an evolutionary process particularly in theatre so I have had many students who have tried learning by just observing me how I work so recalling names would be difficult for me. A student is a reflection and creation of a teacher so it all depends on the culture of teaching”

Mr Thakur also gave a very inspirational message to the youth of the city “Just believe in your dreams, chase them. See light only in your goal and focus on one thing, be exceptional to be different and take much effort for it. Never get disappointed with your failures rather learn from them.”

  1. Sabbah Haji

Sabbah Haji

Sabbah Haji is the Director of Haji Public School, a not-for-profit school established in 2009 in a tiny Himalayan village in the Doda District of Jammu and Kashmir.

The school is run by the Haji family in Breswana, its ancestral village. Teaching Volunteers sought for a minimum of three months.

When asked about her favourite student the mentor said, “All of them are my favourite. I have a few older kids from the beginning of school who have been with me since kindergarten and now are grownups. One of these kids is my favourite is not taken care by the parents as they are illiterate. He takes care of himself and has an urge to learn.”

“If you have had good education and cannot go out in villages just look around in your neighbourhood you will find immense number of children. Just share your knowledge” The young director addressed the youth.

  1. Mansi Gupta


Mansi Gupta Centre Director, JD Institute of Fashion and Technology also gave a very boosting message to the youth of Jammu. “The youth of Jammu has a lot of potential in them all they need to do is have that drive to go after their dreams. The only problem is that they are little laid back, potential is there but the drive is missing so they just have to get that drive and get going.”

When asked about her favourite student the director said, “There are many I cannot name any one particular student, all of them are my favourite.”

  1. Mini Jain


Mini Jain owns a budding cake boutique named cherries n berries and also conducts baking and cooking classes for Jammuites.

The famous cake artist have had many favourite students but mentioned few regular ones “I have few have them who have attended all my classes. Ankita Verma, Taniya Kukreja, Chitwan Wazir & Priya Verma are the keen ones”

She also gave a very inspirational message to the people of Jammu “There is no age for learning. I have so many students who are already teachers in universities and are double my age. You just have to have interest in what you want to learn and go for it.”

  1. Neelu Rohmetra


The famous Professor of University of Jammu also gave very intriguing message to her students “I want to send my blessings to all my students I want them to do the best in their carrier. I wish to see them as very good humans, as very good parents, friends and professionals and bringing the best to the society.”

  1. Monika Manohar

IMG-20160903-WA0008 (1)

Moinka Manohar, famous fitness instructor at Women Live. Her favourite student is Namrita, who is 50 above and is a professor according to her age she is really hard working and is her inspiration.

The fitness instructor also gave a very hearty message to jammuites “spare an hour for to workout. Any form of exercise is must for everyone. Stay healthy.”

  1. Neelu Gandhi

neelu gandhi

Neelu Gandhi,  Mathematics and Science teacher at Presentation Convent School, Jammu. She always believed to contribute to the values of her students. “I rate students by their values and not academics. I have had many favourite students cannot name one.”

She also gave a very enlightening message to the youth of Jammu “Stick to your own Indian culture. Don’t follow the rest. Our Indian culture needs to be explored.”, she said.

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8. Suraj Singh

suraj singh jammu singer

 The famous singer and guru Suraj Singh is an ‘A’ Grade approved composer and singer of All India Radio shot to National fame when he won the Mega Final award of popular Television show ‘Saa Re Gaa Maa’

When asked about his favorite student the mentor said ” There have been many of them not only one there are as many as 25-30 students since I joined music and fine arts college in 1995 and now are doing well in their jobs.”
The versatile singer gave a very practical message to the youth that ” If you have talent and are god gifted you should always make it more perfect by practicing it more. The more you will practice you more you shall excel.”

9. Narayan Prakash


Many of  the students have learnt from me and all are doing good. Few of the names are Shipla Kotwal, Satish Chander he is my first student, Aarti mehta, Narinder Bhardvaj. All who have learnt from me and took classical dance forward are my favourite.”

He also gave a very cultural message to the youth that ” one must follow Indian culture and customs to take forward our India’s roots and should learn Indian classical music and dance which shall get India’s culture respect.”

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