‘Swacch Bharat Abhiyan’,Real tribute to Father of Nation by Nation Maker :BJP Spokes person Sunil Sethi


Real tribute to Father of Nation by Nation Maker


Prime Minister Narendra Modi, by calling up nation to undertake massive cleansing drive on the Gandhi Jayanti, has paid the real tribute to the Father of Nation, who always had advocated cleanliness and maintenance of hygiene. It is sincere and honest effort to remember and pay tribute to Bapu. The task is uphill but the sincere efforts will ensure that things move on right track.

State BJP has also appealed the public to join the movement of Swachha Bharat to be part of nation building and partners in the face lift of the country. BJP State Spokespersons Sunil Sethi (senior advocate) and Balbir Ram Rattan, both while addressing the press conference at party headquarters, noted that name of Father of Nation had been used for political gains by Congress since independent without making serious attempt to implement the views of Bapu in public life . It is bad that the picture of India in western world is of a nation with no civic sense and no concern for environment by general public, where garbage can be thrown in open and in public places without sense of guilt or concern.

Sunil Sethi further highlighted that all this is going to change and with all out efforts there will be major improvements in environment. He called upon public to dump garbage and waste water properly and contribute to clean rivers and water bodies in the state. The efforts initiated by Narendra Modi has drawn attention of masses to this often neglected area. The way Prime Minister is making untiring efforts, the coming days are bright and prosperous for the nation.

Sethi called upon the government officials, students, NGOs and all other segments of society, to come forward to pay tribute to the efforts and rededicate ourselves for cause of the nation. BJP is also taking massive efforts to work for Swachha Bharat, which will be effort throughout year by educating and collaborating with public in this regard.

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