SWINE FLU: Don’t go to GMC, you might catch swine flu at the hospital itself


Puneet Gupta


For Starters Here’s a knockout – The easily available precautionary face masks in the market are only 20 percent effective and that is only theoretically true. Practically they may not be even that good.

You may have watched or read around the precautions for Swine Flu which has now claimed lives in Jammu and Kashmir as well. You may have also read about covering your faces with masks in crowded area as one of the primary precautions in saving yourself from the dreaded disease.

Do you have flu like symptoms and are considering visiting the Government Medical College to confirm your doubts? Think again!


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The doctors currently working in the Hospital themselves are not comfortable walking into the OPD. The authorities at the Hospital have plain denied the Medicos preventive N-95 or triple layered masks to prevent themselves from getting infected.

This is of serious concern since the doctors not wearing the masks can, in turn, infect the patients too. Does not sound right? Read on

Now a single doctor spends most part of his day looking after close to 200 patients. These days, multiple patients have been walking in with symptoms of Swine flu. Only symptoms, so no one can tell who really has the life threatening disease. A doctor not wearing a protection mask can easily contract Swine Flu unprecedentedly.

Problem at Hand

 One infected doctor can essentially infect all the 200 people in a ward and this simple fact is not getting through to the authorities at GMC, who can simply spend money and procure masks. The masks in discussion are not expensive either.

With one patient, walks in a minimum of six or above family members each of whom could be infected. A doctor without a mask can easily contract infection from any of these patients. The administration at the hospital is not providing any masks putting both the doctor and the patients at risk.

The Mask in question

The normal mask that you get at the medical store is not at all good to save you from getting infected by swine flu. Doctors use special N-95 Masks or the triple layered masks which lose their efficiency within a few hours. Even as the news of Swine Flu confirmed that the infection is taking epidemic proportions, the authorities did nothing to procure enough of these masks. Now that the authorities at the hospital do not have the masks they are not providing the doctors any.

Now Dear Authorities, if you don’t provide masks to the doctors and still make them work, are you not putting both the doctor and in turn thousands of patients and their attendants at the risk of swine flu infection?

Why should not we blame the authorities at GMC Jammu, when they have the most callus attitude towards the lives of both doctors and patients alike?

Part 2 of this article is to be published tomorrow and has even more worrying facts coming in.

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