Swine Flu: Bishnah Doctor Critical; GMC Jammu’s Paramedical Staff goes on strike


The GMC Paramedical staff today went on a strike raising their concerns that revolve around the lack of Swine flu kits both for them as well as the patients.

The Chopra Nursing Home in the vicinity of Government Medical College (GMC) Jammu is being used as the isolation facility for those patients with Swine Flu. The paramedical staff from GMC has been assigned here to attend to these patients being treated for Swine Flu. The screened patients are being treated in Chopra Nursing home (Seen in the picture).

One of the representatives told U4U Voice, “We are also humans. Why has the administration been blind towards our lives? There are so many patients dying and other getting infected with swine flu. How can the administration turn a blind eye to the lives of the paramedical staff?”

The representative added, “They have not provided us with the N95 safety masks. We have been putting our lives on stake here working without the masks. There are no Swine Flu kits for us or the patients and the infection chances are mutual. We demand of the administration to have a quota that is earmarked for the Paramedical staff.”

In another news related to swine flu Senior Doctor Bhopinder Singh, a doctor at a hospital in Bishnah, who was recently admitted to GMC Jammu after contracting Swine Flu infection, has been now Shifted to Delhi for treatment. His condition worsened last night and is known to be critical.

The state of Jammu and Kashmir has been seeing a phenomenal rise in the number of swine flu positive cases along with the mounting number of deaths and the toll rising everyday.

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