Swine Flu threat looming large over Kashmir, Jammu; patients testing positive increasing

There is also the need for more laboratories to be involved in testing of this virus, say doctors, and till date the figures have been concealed which could be dangerous for the health of the people. Doctors tell that children below five years of age are in high risk, and those suffering from respiratory diseases should also take precautions.

Meanwhile the threat of swine flu is looming large on Jammu as well, and the region has reported it’s first death due to the virus. Health officials said that more than 20 persons have tested positive for the Swine Flu virus, and the count is likely to increase further.

In Jammu it was revealed that a senior police official lost his life due to the swine flu which was contracted just five days earlier. The official was admitted to the Acharya Shri Chandra College of Medical Sciences in Sidhra where he lost the battle to the dreaded virus in just five days. The main problem in Jammu is that the facilities for lab testing are very few, and the samples of suspected patients have to be sent to Delhi for confirmation which is a time consuming process.

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