Swine Flu toll on rise; hospitals still unequipped with enough facilities

Image Courtesy-Online Media Sources


By Citizen Journalist Amaya

With one more H1N1 patient dead, the toll of swine flu deaths has risen to seven in the state. The rising toll is threatening the health department and the hospital authorities but despite that the provisions are not even optimum. Lal Ded Hospital is the largest maternity hospital in the Kashmir valley but has no arrangements to deal with the rising threat even though the pregnant women are more prone to this disease. Out of seven who have died so far, six are from Kashmir alone and there are over 150 people who have tested positive in the region. Even then there are no arrangements and provisions for such patients. The Hospital is the most visited hospital in the valley which witnesses massive rush from the whole of Kashmir. But the dearth of provisions even in the major hospitals of the state can risk many lives. Even if there are no such cases reported in the hospital there should be separate wards for such patients as even one admission of such a patient in the hospital can put many lives to danger. The lack of provisions is a result of neglect of the authorities.


The doctors too on the other hand are handling patients without considering any precautions and two female doctors have been tested positive at the hospital so far. The doctors are just taking preventive measures as there is lack of facilities to deal with H1N1.

The hospital doesn’t even have any testing facilities. With the toll increasing with each day, the hospitals should be equipped with facilities and prevention measures. It risks not only the lives of the patients but also the doctors.

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