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Syed Kazim Sabri holds rally in Kargil

The Independent candidate of Ladakh Parliamentary seat from Kargil, Syed Mohmad Kazim Sabri holds a election rally at Public Park in Kargil. Kacho Ahmad Ali Khan, Advisor to CM, Qamar Ali Akhoon, MP Ladakh Ghulam Hassan Khan and Syed Kazim Sabri among others.

Syed Kazim Sabri holds rally in Kargil

Former CEC Kacho Ahmad Ali Khan said that it was his Council that has given boost to the development scenario of Kargil. Mentioning major works and project that had been started during his tenure and physically completed but despite receiving funds in various schemes, the payment has not been made yet by the present Council as a result contractors are suffering.
Syed Kazim Sabri while addressing the rally thanked the people for having trust on him and proposing him to represent Ladakh at every front as an MP. He assured to the people that he will serve without differentiating the cast, colour and creed of the people. He said large numbers of people are witnessing the public rally organised by him during the tours of various places. He further added that people from various places of Leh

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