Syllabus of Urdu for screening test for AP posts is full of mistakes

Jammu, February 02: While preparing the syllabus of Urdu subject for proposed screening test for posts of Assistant Professors, Jammu and Kashmir Public Service Commission (JKPSC) has allegedly committed grave mistakes.

As per a local daily, the JKPSC has previously informed that it would conduct screening test for six subjects including Management, Education, Political Science, Sociology, Environmental Science and Urdu to shortlist candidates for Assistant professor posts as the number of eligible candidates was more than the criteria fixed.

However, the syllabus uploaded on the website of JKPSC for Urdu subject lacks any systematic rhythm and portends towards the fact that Commission had not engaged any experts for finalization of syllabus.

The aspirants have claimed that the syllabus of any subject has proper systematic rhythm as origin of literature, development, poets and thinkers, critics beside others but in the uploaded syllabus of Urdu there was no such systematization.

Besides, there are a number of other typing errors. “In the Nazam section, there is a mention of Nazam-e-Zumra but as per Urdu scholars there is no such Nazam and actual Nazam is Nazam-e-Mura,” said an aspirant.

“There is mention of Azad-Nasri Nazam in the syllabus, which itself has become a new genre but as per Urdu literature these are two Nazams vis-à-vis Azad Nazam ad Nasri Nazam”, he added.

Also, in the criticism section there were many superficial topics mentioned. There is no mention of origin and development of criticism of Urdu literature but in the syllabus there is a mention of those literary works, which are not original Urdu works but are translations of western literary works in Urdu.

The aspirants also claimed that the noted critics of Urdu comprising Hali, Shivli, Mohammad Hussain Azad found no mention in the syllabus.

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