YOUR TAKE: What is the appropriate age for a girl to get married?


What is the appropriate age to marry off a girl?

U4U approached the people of Jammu and here is a glimpse of what they think.

Harvinder Singh, 27


“I think the appropriate age for a girl to get married is 23 years. Before that she is unprepared for such a responsible relationship, mentally as well as physically. After marriage they have to adjust with a whole family, not just her husband and at a young age she is not mature enough to understand and adjust with all the responsibilities. after 23 a girl is mature enough to accommodate with everything.”

Rahul, 25

IMG_3278“She shouldn’t be married off before 25, because now things are pretty much changed.  Education is as important for a girl as much it is for boys and till 25 she should focus on studies and career. If she is not independent and is married off in an early age she might have to face troubles.”

Roshan Lal, 26

IMG_3280“I think 18 is an appropriate age for a girl. They should get married at an early age so that they can produce children. After a certain age they look overage and might not find a suitable match. I think it is good for them to get married at an early age only.

Rajendra Kumar, 27

IMG_3282“I think after 20 they are eligible for marriage. Before that they can’t understand relationships on a mature level. They are not even settled properly at a tender age like 20. Being independent is the need of the hour even for a girl and marrying them off before 20 could do them nothing but harm.”

Ishrat Fayaz, 25

IMG_3284“I think they should not be married off before 27. When they are educated and settled, only then they can find a deserving partner. In our society  they are considered as a burden and hence their education and independence is never a matter of concern. But they should be educated before they are married off. They should take the decisions on their own.”

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