YOUR TAKE: Is Co-Education a good idea? Jammu has some surprising answers

We are pretty sure that big majority of you are/were part of co-education system. When we, at U4U Voice, went out to ask the youngistaan of Jammu, we got some pretty staggering answers. The idea behind putting these pictures in the first place is to show you that these are not just made up stories. Also none of these people were influenced in one way or the other. Here, we bring to you personal views straight from the horses’ mouth.


Naresh Mantra, 22

Naresh Mantra Your Take
I find co-education unsafe for girls. There are many bad eggs in our society,especially these days. They always look for chances to stalk or tease girls and that happens even in schools. The girls might feel unsafe in such an environment.

Madan, 23
Madan Your takeI don’t think it is healthy to teach our girls or even boys, for that matter in co-ed. There is always distraction in co-ed instiutions, Students focus less on studies and more in other things. It also affects their career. There should be separate colleges and schools for girls and boys.

Sahil Sharma, 18 

Sahil Sharma Your takeI think co-education should be there.They get exposure. Boys and girls, they have different viewpoints and approach towards life. Growing up togethe means getting familiar with both aspects. Further when we have to work, then we can’t demand such things. If from schools only they get familiar with it, it will only help them.It maintains harmony in the society.

Mukesh, 19 

Mukesh Your takeIt is absolutely beneficial for not only girls but also boys.They get to understand each other which means they get to see two parallel viewpoints, which they might not understand if they only have boys/girls around them. The can collectively improve things.

Rakshan Jain,18

Rakshan Jain Your takeIf girls are there in schools, boys will definitely go to schools. we would not want to skip classes. We would happily go to classes instead of bunking. Of course the attendance is also 100% then. It would be no fun if there are no girls in the school. I would not even want to go for a single day.

How important do you think co-education is in today’s world?
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