YOUR TAKE: Do you favor live-in relationships?


“co·hab·it – To live together in a sexual relationship, especially when not legally married.”

Cohabitation or live-in relationships in India are not illegal but are considered immoral and illegitimate by our society. Though, it is prevalent in metro cities of India, but even then not completely acceptable by the society.

Now, as the urban India is becoming more open minded and with the western influence the students have started moving out at an early age, live-in relationships are hence more prevalent these days.

U4UVoice team approached a few people of Jammu and here is the why Jammu opposes it critically.





“No I don’t support live-in relationships. In a relation as open as that boys can easily cheat on girls and in the end its always the girl who suffers. Girls are to suffer if something goes wrong or unplanned. Also, our culture doesn’t appreciate a boy and a girl living together before a committed relationship of marriage, we should not go against our cultural morality.”- Lakhvir Singh, 27


IMG_3224“Our culture doesn’t appreciate such liberal relationships in our society. Plus, if such relationships come into practice the aspect of marriage, which is considered sacred in our culture, will eventually start losing importance. One can just go and live with whomsoever he wants, of course everybody would escape from the responsible decision of marriage then. India is renowned for its culture and Indians for their morality but this wesernization would do nothing but spoil our cultural values.” – Neeraj Kumar, 21


IMG_3226“No I don’t favor such liberalism. I have a fiancé myself but we always meet keeping the limits of our society and our culture in mind. If the relationship doesn’t work out the boy can walk away without a second thought and the girl would be left in despair. Why give the society any chance to judge you?   And even Indian parents don’t support this decision and if there is a trouble afterwards they would not want to help you if you would take your decisions going against them.”- Vijay singh, 29


IMG_3227“Well I think it depends on the mentality of people. In cities like Mumbai, Delhi, the people have started accommodating such matters. Hence, the families and the society finds it acceptable. But, I myself will never go in a live relationship as my family and society would still not accept such things. Marriage is a sacred bond in our culture and its valued, going against it would make me feel ashamed. And anything done against our society would do nothing but harm to. Marriage is always a safer option.”- Shivani, 25


IMG_3229“I am not against live-in relationships . I think it gives you a chance to understand each other and until and unless we spend enough time, or live with each other for that matter, we don’t get to know the person well. May be later in time we find it difficult to adjust. I would  prefer to get familiar with the person before taking the decision of marriage.”- Deepak, 26

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