YOUR TAKE: How good the current government will be?



Satish Kumar, 42

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I think we can’t say much at this point of time. The government is new and our hopes are all high but it is only after a few months that we can speculate the whole scenario. Mufti Mohammad has served as a CM before but had done nothing for Jammu. Though Ghulam Nabi Azad had still done a lot for the Jammu province, improvising every sector.There have been many changes in the political scenario in these elections, if NC or Congress had come in the picture, we could have expected, but for this government, we can’t.



Shakti, 44


I think Jammu will certainly develop under the shadow of BJP and PDP together. PDP’s ministers and BJP’s ministers together can create a balance in the state which has always been people’s concern. In the previous coalitions, it has always been a one sided affair with just one party having an upper hand. After a few months of their working we can expect something, initially we just hope that the government will prove itself.






We can’t comment on the government right now. The scenario is still unexpected. Like so far, nobody had thought that the BJP would be surpassing all other parties with such sweeping victory in every state. Congress is nowhere to be seen now. Politics has always been a difficult scenario to predict and this situation is new for J&K too hence it is all the more tougher to do anything but expect that the coalition would favour the people of the state.




Surinder Sharma


BJP has a strong hold in Jammu and PDP has a good hold in Kashmir.This coalition will absolutely enhance the equality within the two regions. The concerns of both the regions will be addressed by the government equally. The parties, so far, have always focused on Kashmir more but with BJP in power, Jammu can raise its voice too. They will absolutely help end this discrimination.




Rahul Manhas



We can expect something good from the BJP PDP government, even though the scope is narrow. BJP’s working is different in many aspects, compared to the PDP. Their developmental agenda varies from the PDP’s agenda. We can speculate the scenario only after seeing the coalition working for a few months.



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