YOUR TAKE: Governor’s rule or CM rule?

With the inability of the leading parties to form a government. J&K has been put under Governor’s rule from January 9th 2015.

U4UVoice approached the people of Jammu and here is what they think.

Rahul verma, 27

IMG_2753“Definitely CM rule. In CM rule the political parties are appointed by us and hence public relies on their representatives. But governor’s rule restricts this connection between the public and the government. We can’t reap any profit at a personal level in Governor’s rule.”

Kulveer Singh,27

IMG_2756“I don’t support governor’s rule. In CM rule there are different politicians from different constituencies. Those leaders know about their constituencies at a personal level. The problems of the public can be sorted out easily under the administration of the CM.”

Basant Kumar,45

IMG_2758“I support governor’s rule more than the CM rule.The  politicians are always eager to take advantages, fooling the  public.We are tired of all the  frauds and scans. Now that we want change, I think governor’s rule is better than the fake politicians. Under Governor’s rule, governor is the only answerable person and also, there is Centre’s pressure on him, that hence is more positive.”

Sumit suri 35
IMG_2760“Only CM rule. Under the administration of the CM the public has a connection with the politicians at a ground level. That helps in the improvement of their respective areas too. But in Governor’s rule, the public is not in direct touch with Governor.”

Vishal, 17
IMG_2762“Governor’s rule!! All politicians are corrupt. We don’t trust any. It’s high time for change.”



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