YOUR TAKE: Kiran Bedi Vs. Arvind Kejriwal- Who will win?


Like Jammu and Kashmir Delhi too is engulfed in the Modi-wave. While Kejriwal has always had a influence on the aad admi of the Delhi, BJP has now brought forth Kiran Bedi who is certainly a threat to the AAP vote bank.

Who do you think deserves to be the CM of Delhi- Kejriwal or Kiran? Here is a glimpse of what Jammu told U4UVoice.

Sulabh, 27

IMG_3232“I think Modi wave can help win Kiran Bedi as that has happened in Haryana, Maharashtra and also Jammu. Modi has been campaigning at his best  for all his party candidates and they have actually come to succeeded due to the Modi wave. Kejriwal is not even near to the competition Modi’s influence has set everywhere.”


Mohammad Usman, 25

IMG_3235“Arvind Kejriwal could win. He has mustered unexpected votes in the previous elections too, he was almost equivalent to the BJP. In politics anything can happen and the competition is so tough that we can’t predict. Delhi has been supporting AAP and the Aam Admi of Delhi is absolutely under his influence, this time too he can win. Kiran Bedi is going to contest fr the first time, I don’t think the public would find her as deserving as Kejriwal.”


Abhimanyu Verma,30

IMG_3238“Kiran Bedi would absolutely win. She is a much stronger contestant and the party has taken a well-thought decision. If Kejriwal is renowned for his honesty, Kiran Bedi is known for her honesty as well as administration. Also, her constituency Krishna nagar is bjp influenced which would definitely be  a help.”


Sunil Sharma, 58

IMG_3239“Arvind Kejriwal is a fraud. He can just create chaos in disguise of being the messiah for the Aam Admi. He can never go beyond his futile ‘Anshans’ and ‘Dharnas’. As a Chief Minister he never cared about the decorum and dignity he should have maintained; he carelessly threw it in trash  and just quit after 49 days. Delhi ‘Janta’ had put a lot of faith in him when they made him but he didn’t respect it.”


Raj  Kumar, 60

IMG_3242“Kiran Bedi will win undoubtedly. People know her and have faith in her. She has tried reaching out to people with her show Aap Ki Kachehri and has tried to bring forth the seething issues concerning the Aam Admi; unlike Kejriwal who just knows how to defame others. She has worked for 40 years and she would not be a disappointment to Delhi as Arvind. He is just acting power hungry. People see him in a negative light after his immature deeds. Bedi, being a lady police officer can also cater to the need of a strict check on the soaring woman crime in the capital.”


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