YOUR TAKE: Marriage or Career?


Having a secure job is everybody’s top priority these days. Unlike the times before when the only goal a girl had was to find a suitable boy and get married, a woman seeks an assuring job today. Marriage hence is a secondary option for most of the people these days.

What comes first? Marriage or Career? Here is what Jammu thinks.

Ashu Shrivastav, 27



“Of course career. If I have a good job, only then I can provide my wife with all that she needs. You always need money for a good married life.”



Anita Bhardwaj, 25

IMG_2799“Career definitely! Girls need to be independent in today’s world. We never know how our lives would turn up tomorrow, having a good job at least will secure our future .”


Sunny Gupta , 24

IMG_2801“I think Marriage is more important. Getting a good job might take too long and after a certain age finding a suitable girl becomes difficult. I would prefer to get married before a good job.”


Harmeet Singh, 26

IMG_2804“Career! Money is always important to raise a family . I can get married only if i have money.”



Naresh Chopra, 25

IMG_2805“Career, so that we can have successful marriage afterwards. Without a good job I can’t think of having a family. Education and other basic needs are too expensive these days. Even raising a child needs financial security and proper planning. So without a secure career even a good relationship will fail.”

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