YOUR TAKE: Do teenagers need mobile phones?

“I’ve never owned a cell phone and don’t plan on ever having one. If anyone needs to talk to me, they know where I live.”
Well, these words barely fit anywhere in a world like today. None of us wants to stay behind in the race of technology and having a mobile phone is necessary or not is something all the kids have tried to justify to their parents.
Having a phone for some, is the most vital need of the moment, while some can not get enough of preaching about the worthlessness of a mobile phone.
U4UVoice approached the people of Jammu to share their views with us. Here is a glimpse of that.

IMG_2871“I think a thing like mobile phone is necessary for everybody including teenagers. The world is moving quite fast and rapidly and not having a mobile phone is like staying miles behind in the race. Communication, staying updated, entertainment, all of what a mobile phone gives is beneficial and very much near to necessary also. Plus a kid without a thing as important as a mobile phone might end up feeling inferior.”

-Dheeraj, 27

IMG_2873“Yes absolutely necessary for teenagers as well. A Phone is no more just a source for communication, Having this little votal gadget is very necessary for everybody. Students, workers we all need to stay updated and of course a mobile phone becomes a handy substitute for a laptop. In need, we can always access internet and the whole world of web is just a click away.”

-Nischal, 25

IMG_2876“Mobile phones are must for teenagers. Kids have to travel far for their classes, schools, tuitions these days and having a phone at least doesn’t leave their parents worried cluelessly if they get late or get stuck somewhere.If you have a phone with you, it is always feasible to get in touch with any body in problem.”

-Dheeraj, 24

IMG_2878“Yes teenagers, students, workers we all can’t think of our lives without a mobile phone. Girls particularly should not leave their homes without a phone. It is very important for them to have a source of communication in time of need. What if they get stuck somewhere or with somebody? They absolutely should have phones, even if they are school kids.”

-Akshay, 20

IMG_2887“Having a mobile phone is very important for everyone of us. I am 17 years old and I know that I have to travel far for my tuitions and schools. Even though I have a bike my parents are worried if I get late someday. At least they don’t have to stay uneasy all the evening if  they can connect  to me whenever they want. We should not misuse it though but it is very vital for everybody.”
-Anmol , 17

We invite you to add your comments. Have a look at  7 Elaborate reasons Why You need a phone! before you drop your opinion in the box below. Share and tell us what you think.

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