YOUR TAKE: How much do you know about the mask you are wearing?



The toll of Swine Flu patients is on rise and despite that, there is not much awareness regarding the disease. Everyone is wearing masks but do you even know if they are protecting you or not?

U4UVoice team went out and asked the people of Jammu about how much they know about the precautions they are taking and here is what they told

Somnath Dabgotra

Ur take (2)“People are wearing masks but they barely know much. I don’t know enough myself for that matter but I think all of us are prone to catch this disease and hence taking precautions is the only way to shield ourselves. Wearing masks has been advised by the doctors and hence I am wearing one. We all are aware of the rising number of patients that are being registered in hospitals these days, we can not take the matter so casually. The N95 masks however are the only ones that are being advised by the doctors but they are too expensive hence not everybody can afford them. These masks are cheap and easily available and don’t even cost much.”



Ur take (5)I am wearing one because all my friends have been suggesting me to wear one. It reduces the vulnerability of catching viral. I have come to the hospital to meet a distant relative who is admitted here and hence I thought wearing a mask would be a precautionary step as many infected patients are coming to the hospitals almost everyday.



Umesh Singh

Ur take (6)Honestly, I don’t even know what these masks are called, I just know that everybody is being advised to take precautions and wearing a mask is the most important one of them all. I don’t know about the precautionary maintenance of this mask to be considered. I just bought the masks today for my whole family.






Ur take (7)I don’t know where the actual masks are available hence I am not wearing any. The masks people are wearing barely protect us, they are not even beneficial. Though, everybody is trying to consider the things being advised by the doctors and hence are doing all they can. The actual N95 masks are expensive and not easily available so I am not even wearing any.



Jagdip Singh

Ur take (1)

I am wearing the N95 mask as it is has been advised by the doctors. The disease is spreading and the toll of patients is increasing with each passing day, if we know we all are at risk, why not take precautions? I know less about Swine Flu but I am sure if this is being advised by doctors, it is absolutely a help.




Do you think you are aware of the precautions you are taking or you should be taking? Drop your reply in the box below. 


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