YOUR TAKE: Is Sex Education necessary in Schools?


While many have opposed the implementation of Sex Education in Schools, many have favored that it should be a responsibility of schools and families to teach students in a healthy environment.

U4UVoice approached people of Jammu regarding the matter and this is how Jammu reflected on it.


Capture“I feel that Sex Education should be introduced in schools, but only after a certain age. Adolescents or young teens for that matter are not mature enough to understand things on a healthy level. They are always eager to know more and explore than required and that might add to the worry of their parents and also society for that matter. It can be made compulsory after 11th, students can grasp things on a maturer level after a certain age.”


2“Sex Education should be brought up as a subject in schools. Our society is not open to such matters and hence the students never get to know directly. Now that the media is playing a huge role in their learning, the young kids are curious to know more but our society doesn’t feed their curiosity well. Introducing Sex Education as a subject would help them learn things in a better way.”


3“It should absolutely be made necessary in schools that the kids are made to learn in a safe environment. During their teen years they are always around the opposite sex. Undergoing hormonal changes, they are anxious to know more about everything that is restricted in one or the other aspect. If they are made to learn in a proper manner, it would not result in anything that they or their family will regret later.”


4“I think it is not too vital to make this subject compulsory at school level. In colleges, however, a student can learn things on a healthier level, grasping these matters with some maturity. In schools the students are always curious and any hasty move could result adversely.”


5“Today’s generation is in all aspects is pretty advanced compared to the older generation. Media, films, songs- they get to know everything from indirect sources. But since their way of learning is not right, they are too eager to take the next move without any introspection. In schools if they are made to learn under proper instructions, that would help them know things better.”

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