YOUR TAKE: What is the right age for having a driving license?





The kids these days are comparatively advanced than their previous age. At the age of eighteen they are allowed to drive legally but I feel eighteen is too late for them to own a license. They start driving at an early age and without a license it is unsafe for them to go out and drive without having a license. They should be given license at the age of 16 .



I think 18-20 is the right age for them to get license.Early teens care less about rules and road sense,if they are given license at an early age they would not care to stay in their limits. However, kids in their late teens are comparatively mature and can understand and not simply disregard the rules. They should be mature enough before they are allowed to have a licence.

Hilal Fayaz


16-17 is an appropriate age for anybody to get a license. Almost everybody knows driving by that age and kids generally have to travel these days for tuition and other classes. However, if they are given a license earlier than 18, they might misuse it but after 18 most of them are mature enough to understand the laws and regulations.

Sahil Gandotra


License at  the age of 18 is okay. 18 is generally considered as the right age, one is eligible to cast his vote too.A person is mature enough to understand the rules and have road sense. I don’t think there is any need to change that.



I think 16 is the right age for one to have a license. We already know driving by that age and one drives anyway. Waiting for another two years is just a waste if they are going to drive any way. If they have road sense and they know about the laws and regulations why should they be made to suffer and pay Chalaan if they are caught

Do YOU think 18 really is the right age for driver’s license to be issued to people?

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