YOUR TAKE: Rishwat- Your fault or the government’s?



“You don’t say ‘they all do it’ unless you know you’ve been doing it too.”

We never think twice before accusing an official of being corrupt and dishonest. But, may be we are as much corrupt as the person we are bribing. If we stop, he will; If we never do, he never will.

U4UVoice team approached the people of Jammu and here is what they think.


Gurmeet Singh, 26


“The one bribing is more at fault absolutely. He is the one responsible for corruption. If he is not ready to give bribe, the officer too  can’t demand. I am an IT Professional and I have been working for a long time. People offer bribes but I see to it that the practice is curbed even in our office.”



Jitender Singh, 25


“Most departments function on corruption these days. If one can pay Rs. 200 to get a 14 day job done in 2 days, then the person in a hurry will definitely bribe. It is human nature. I however feel that corruption only at the lower level is acceptable but corruption at higher levels is not.”



Sunil Bhat, 32


“Those who sit at the counter are responsible for corruption. If the officer  is  committed to his job sincerely and works without any intention of greed, respecting his position, corruption will finish on its own.”



Ashish, 28


“I think the one offering bribe is the reason for corruption. People who offer bribe don’t have patience. One bribes another, mostly to get the work done. If they can let the work get done by the system/authority responsible for it, it won’t take too long to eradicate corruption.”






“The one offering bribe is more at fault. Some people who are scared to take bribe become addicted to taking bribe simply because there are too many who are offering bribes. People use influence or money and become the reason of spreading corruption.”