YOUR TAKE : How safe is Jammu for girls?


Jammu is considered as a safe city unlike Delhi or other big cities. Some say people are religious here and they would never commit sinful crimes against women but women on the other hand think  that the city doesn’t give them enough freedom hence the scope of coming across such incidents is low.  U4UVoice team went around to ask various people about their take on women safety in Jammu and here is what they think-

Satwinder Singh

ur (48)

“I think Jammu is very secure for girls. People are religious here, they value culture and society here. The youth hence respects the other gender, they are not immoral. They are brought up well from childhood only. If the parenting of a child is right, he can never take immoral steps and i don’t think girls face much trouble here like in other states.”



Vishali, 24

ur (45)“I don’t think Jammu is very safe but it is still a lot better than big cities like Delhi.There are many places in proper city where guys don’t leave any chance or opportunity of eve teasing. Only in the areas where police cops keep a check girls can roam around safely. There are less mishaps in those areas. Also, girls  don’t have enough freedom here that they can go around and roam in the evening. They don’t go out much hence we call it safe. The only thing is that there are very few chances of such cases as the girls are restricted.”


IMG_3712“It is absolutely a very unsafe city. Girls don’t go out because they can’t, the city doesn’t give them a sense of freedom or safety. Outside colleges and schools, guys are always huddled up in groups to tease them or even stalk them sometimes. But girls don’t retaliate here, they will never react boldly like girls do in big cities. In the name of shame and fear they will always suppress their rage and would choose to tolerate instead of reacting. May be the families make them do that as there is a lot of  pressure of the society here.”

Jagdish raj

IMG_3722“Jammu is absolutely a very safe city. Girls can come and go anytime, anywhere as they know they won’t be stalked or teased like in other cities. People know not to cross limits here and also, if something happens, they know that society will make them regret it. Women are treated with respect and not as an object here.”




IMG_3718“Absolutely safe because the girls themselves know when and what to do, they know their limits. They will not cross limits, they know that roaming late could trouble them hence they would not step out late. In the name of freedom, the metro city girls forget their limits. In Jammu, girls are decent in our city. The also hence respect girls here.”



We invite you to drop a comment in the box below. How safe do you think is this city for girls?


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