Your Take: Are you satisfied with the education system of India?



Dinesh Singh
IMG_3786I don’t think the Indian education system is good enough for the students. The parents here pressurize their kids excessively about the performance and they just focus on marks.The intelligence of a student is judged on the basis of examination score. Today’s generation is advancing way too faster and needs much more than the theoretical knowledge the Indian education system provides. Also, the western influence on the education system of India focuses on English language while the kids should also be knowing the local dialects like Urdu, Dogri and Sanskrit. These local languages should be made part of the basic education system.

Maqbool Hussain

IMG_3788The education system definitely needs some change. The government schools particularly are still lacking in the race of advancement, compared to private schools. In government schools the teachers are usually less responsible and are barely willing to teach devotedly. Some schools don’t even have different teachers assigned for different subjects and some days only one is teaching all six subjects. Sometimes they are absent, sometimes they are present in the class but they don’t care to teach. The teachers need to be more responsible as they end up ruining the future of the children who can’t afford private schooling.

Gaurav Mishra

IMG_3787It is not good enough, particularly in government schools the education system is infected with irresponsibility and carelessness of teachers as well as students. Neither the teachers take the responsibility themselves, nor do they instigate students to come forth and show some interest. Teachers are usually absent, many of them are not even learned enough. The selection criteria too is not so concrete in government schools. The students are hence left to suffer because of the carelessness of the authorities.

Varun Chib

IMG_3791Education System in India needs to be improved. The syllabus is barely revised, we read books that our parents used to study years ago. No changes have been made in the curriculum. Also, the system lacks practical aspect, we are made to cram theoretically. Subjects like sciences are also taught in classrooms only, the students are barely given any space and freedom to explore and learn things. The lack of practical side also makes it boring and students don’t even feel interested. They too study just to bag good score in examinations.

Kamal Kishore

IMG_3792The education system is good in India though people criticize it a lot. There are numerous schools which focus on things beyond academics. There are many private schools which actually provide enough space for co-curricular activities and overall development of a child. Many things have changed in the past few years, teachers take the responsibility and teach devotedly. It is not just about studies or examinations anymore but also about the overall development of the student. 

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