YOUR TAKE: Are social networking sites beneficial?

We went around and asked people how social networking sites are beneficial to them. Here is what the people of Jammu think.

Arya Vir Singh

I think in today’s fast paced busy world, social networking sites are very beneficial. People can stay in touch and can interact in no time. Life is so busy these days, for students as well as workers and hence there is not enough time to go and meet somebody in person. With sites like Facebook, the world is just  a click away. It is not difficult to convey our messages or any important information. We don’t need to post telegrams if there is something important to convey. Even if we don’t have anybody’s contact number we can still manage to stay in contact.

Jigmet Rigzen

IMG_3708It is very helpful to reach people through social networking sites. We can easily convey messages and can reach out to the whole world in just a few minutes. Sites like twitter are one of the finest platforms to share our views and our thoughts. We also get to know what others have to say on the same issue. We stay informed and our knowledge also increases. It is not even difficult to follow the big personalities who are otherwise impossible to reach.

Abdul Rehman

IMG_3710It is okay till a certain  level. As long as it feeds our needs of communication and information social networking sites are a great help. But there is a little misuse of such sites too. Girls especially, are more prone to such misuse by some bad eggs in our society. There are many corrupt elements in our society who can easily defame others and can offend them purposely. Also, on social networking sites, people bring forth personal issues which can further harm them.

Jitendra Sharma 

IMG_3717I think social networking sites are a great platform for business purpose. But it is not that safe as a personal platform. It is a great tool for marketing and promotion of any firm, company, institution. People can see, people can read easily. It is easy to promote and sites like Facebook are safe and secure for the purpose. But people can take advantage and misuse that for their own personal ill-motives.

Balvinder Kumar

IMG_3723Social networking sites should be there as people stay in touch with each other. I remember I met a friend of mine my after 18 years, only through Facebook.We had lost touch but I searched him on internet and got in touch with him. The world is just a click away. We can reach anybody anytime anywhere.

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