YOUR TAKE: Should uniforms be mandatory in colleges?



We walked around and asked people if uniforms contribute in maintaining decorum and discipline in a college and should they be made compulsory for everybody. Here is what Jammu thinks.

Satish kumar,



“Definitely. The uniforms should be compulsory for every college student. I think it helps maintaining equality among the students who come from various backgrounds and societies. Also, it helps recognizing the students of various colleges if they are out with their friends instead of attending classes.”

Isha Bawal


“Definitely there should be.It maintains the decorum and creates discipline in the education institute. Like in schools, uniform is an integral part. Also, the students in uniforms will restrict themselves on their own if they are in uniforms, it will limit the chances of them bunking their classes and hanging out with friends. If they know that they will be easy to recognize in uniforms they will think twice before stepping out their college during their study time. They can’t roam around unnecessarily in parks, cinema halls in uniform because it creates a fear that they might get caught.”

Puja, 25


“I think it is not required to make a uniform code mandatory for the students in a college. Generally, people think that it helps maintaining punctuality and decorum but a college going student is mature enough to understand what is right and what is wrong for him. Uniform is just an unnecessary compulsion. It should be left to them so that they can decide what’s beneficial for them.”

Pramod, 27


“Yes it is necessary according to me. In a college, students come from various backgrounds and families. The ones who can’t afford spending lavishly on the outfits might feel inferior seeing a surge in fashion trends. It creates negative impact on them as well as the college atmosphere. That also defocuses them from education. Students should rather prefer studying instead of engaging themselves in the ongoing trends.”

Rohit Kumar


“Yes it should be compulsory. Not only for girls but also for boys. Sometimes they bunk and if they are dressed in uniform they can be identified easily. It somehow maintains discipline and equality among different sections of students.”


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