Tantrik beats the daylight out of a ‘possessed’ woman


Udhampur, September 13: We may have moved into the 21st century walking in leaps and bounds on the development front in the world but for a sizeable part of the society, superstitions are still a reality which only witch- doctors can help with.

A lady from village Majua at Tehsil Ramnagar in Udhampur was beaten mercilessly in presence of her relatives by a Tantrik  from Dehari in the name of removing a ‘ghost’ from her body. The woman after the barbaric thrashing is in a critical condition today.

“I used to get Epileptic fits and it is a general perception everywhere around that Epilepsy is because of possession by a ghost. Someone had referred to us the name of Sham Lal who is a Tantrik with known ‘powers’ of curing people of the ‘possession’, ” said the victim Savitri Devi.

When she went with her husband Mulkh Raj R/o Rassian Moda Mujaha to the tantrik, he started beating her up with an object in the name of exorcising the ghost out of her body. When Savitri Devi’s health condition worsened, she was taken for a medical checkup and the Tantri ran away and has still not been caught.

An FIR under relevant section of law (109) has been registered at Police Station Ramnagar.


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