Taxis making a quick buck; Charging Yatris three times the actual fare

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Jammu and Kashmir News

Srinagar : With the entire valley under the clouds of agitation, the Yatris visiting the state for the Holy Amarnath Pilgrimage are suffering the most. The private cab/vehicle owners are making the most of their plight by charging them excessively.
Private Passenger vehicles like Sumo and Tempo Travelers, on regular days, charge Rs 800 per passenger for the Srinagar-Jammu route. However, in the current scenario, they are charging Rs 2000 per passenger for the same distance. The yatris from outside the state are largely the ones who are being highly charged.
The cab owners are terrorizing the yatris about the circumstances in the Valley and demanding charges as they please. Poor visitors are stuck and no where to go, they are forced to pay these extravagant prices.
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