Teacher makes students massage him during class

Poonch, October 07: Children studying in the Government High School, Shahpur are being subjected to exploitation in the name of education.Teacher makes students Massage him

Mohamad Akbar, a government teacher posted in the Government High School in Shahpur in Nangli zone in Poonch district has been exposed while exploiting students. The man behaves if he is the whole and sole and instead of teaching the students, he makes them do tedious and menial jobs of massaging his arms and feet. He has passed strict instructions to the students that whenever he enters the classroom, they should bow in him and act like slaves as he is the “king.”

The residents of this area have complained that the teacher makes the boy in his class press his feet and shoulder and tell girls to do other tedious chores that has nothing to do with education.

The parents of these students pleaded that they have gone to the higher education authorities of that area a number of times to complain about the ongoing dictatorship of teacher Mohammad Akbar but they hardly given a listen by the authorities who have never taken any action against him.

Image Courtesy – Early Times

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