Teacher promotion Scam in J&K Education Dept; IAS, KAS officers arrested

Jammu, September 09: A major fraud has been exposed in the state school department by Vigilance Organisation Jammu on the basis of which a number of IAS and KAS officers have been arrested for promoting teachers on the basis of invalid degrees during their tenure of work in Director School Education office.

Vigilance Organisation Jammu has alleged that during the year 2013 and 2014 respectively a few officials of State School Education Department announced promotions of a number of teachers to Master Grade based on the B.Ed degrees of the beneficiaries from some unrecognized Universities.

As per news reports, in two separate FIRs, IAS officers P K Pole and  Tushar Kanti Sharma, the Directors of School Education Jammu in 2013 and 2014 respectively,  KAS officers  R A Inqalabi, then Additional Secretary School Education Department, Dr Narupa Rai and  Susheel Kumar then Personnel Officers in the Directorate of School Education Jammu, S K Gandotra and Saif Ali then Joint Directors School Education  Jammu, other accused officers and hundreds of beneficiary teachers have been booked under the violation of Govt. Order No.252 of 2012 dated 30.05.2012.

The Vigilance verification has revealed that the officers announced promotion of around more than 1200 teachers to Master grade in the DPC on April  23, 2013, and around 600 teachers were promoted illegally in the same way in the year 2014.

A big number of beneficiary teachers possessed “Aadib” and “Kameel” from Jamia Urdu University, Aligarh and the promotion was accorded to them by treating these courses  equivalent to B Ed notwithstanding the fact that degrees of this university are not recognized even by the Government of Uttar Pradesh. Not just this but during verification, some ‘Fake’ degrees were found to be of the Universities that don’t even provide B.Ed programme.

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One thought on “Teacher promotion Scam in J&K Education Dept; IAS, KAS officers arrested

  • September 9, 2015 at 12:17 pm

    SVO did good job,politicians shield corrupt bureaucrats.BY:Satish Sharma”BRAL” senior citizen journalist.
    Scams are not new in education department,however,in this case SVO deserves kudos for booking the real culprits who turned Directorate of Education into DEN of corruption.As the stories goes,one tainted IAS officer who was in JDA as Secretary misused his powers earned like anything despite caught by the Anti-Corruption agency but managed reprieve since such corrupt bureaucrats possesses huge money amassed through corruption arrange for them LEGAL SHELTER along with political patronisation easily.Gist of this mention mean SVO should applies all their energy to put such corruption cases with strong diaries FLAWLESS to face ultimately the bitterness of Laws of the land which certainly act if given solid evidences.But as popularly believes that in the past hardly such kind of corrupt breed of bureaucrats has been punished or those taken ILLEGAL benefits too faced the noose of laws.Therefore,education which in our state has already spoiled by such big sharks ,its sanctity to be restored by weeding out the black sheeps who turned the NOBLE profession into business that too of corruption.Our Judicial System who oflate become proactive and as sole ray of hope for laws abiding citizens must act in this case on FAST TRACK to punish the guilty men.


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