Teacher rapes class 8 student under the pretext of seeking help from her

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Jammu, July 26: The teacher-student bond is bigger than the bond a child has with the parents since the teacher is the one responsible to shaping the way the child takes on the world. However, some teachers cannot hold their lust and end up breaking the pious bond.

A case has come to light from Ramban  where a class 8 Higher Secondary School girl was called by the primary school teacher inside the empty school premises and raped her under the pretext of seeking help from her. The teacher has been arrested and there has been an appeal to suspend him immediately.

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According to police, Zafar Hayat who is a resident of Janchok is a teacher in Upper Primary School at Janchok. The victim is a class eight student of the Ramban higher secondary school and used to study in the Primary school at Janchok. She was returning from School on Thursday afternoon after her school had got over.

The Janchok Primary school falls on the way to her residence and it was during the time she was returning home when Zafar called her inside the school. He asked her for help saying that he is headed somewhere else and that she should take the school keys to his place. The girl went inside the school premises where Zafar raped her.

The family of the girl got worried and started looking for her when she did not return home till seven in the evening. When they reached the Upper Primary School in Janchok, they got suspicious of someone’s presence in the room.

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The family members broke into the room and found the girl there. Zafar had locked her inside.

A case has been registered at the Banihal Police station by the family members and Zafar has been arrested.