Teacher resigns after being disallowed from wearing Hijaab in Srinagar School

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Srinagar:  Students of Delhi Public School in Srinagar staged protests in the school premises alleging that the school authorities had forced a female teacher to resign on the pretext of wearing an Islamic dress ‘abaya’ or ‘hijab’.
Students of classes 9th to 12th reportedly assembled in the school lawn initially and then in the indoor stadium. They have even started an online campaign to protest against the incident.
The protesting students said the school administration had rebuked a female teacher, asking her not use ‘the’ dress code in the school. The administration further allegedly told her to choose between her job and the dress code. The teacher reportedly came under pressure and resigned from the school.
According to an eyewitness, Pro-Vice Chairman of the school, Vijay Dhar, passed by the classroom, called the teacher out and asked her if her outfit was an abaya. When the teacher responded in affirmative, Dhar rebuked her.
According to another witness, the Principal of the School, Kusam Warikoo, also told the teacher the same thing and told the protesting students that it was a rule of the Delhi Public School Society to not allow teachers wear abaya.
The protesting students have reportedly given a deadline of Monday, June 20, the school administration asking them to either apologize and reattach the teacher or face agitation.
The Principal and Chairman of the School did not answer phone calls nor did anyone answer the various landline numbers.


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