Teacher teaching students how to sleep in classroom


Rajouri, May 20: Education sector in Jammu and Kashmir has already recorded a drop in enrollment compared to last year as per numbers released by the centre recently. The reasons are multiple and the non-seriousness of teachers, especially in the government run schools, is definitely one of the bigger reasons behind it.

In what has been doing rounds on the social media, an incident has been reported from a Government High School at Sankari No 2 where a teacher posted was found sleeping in a class room during working hours and the students, as can be seen in the image, were seen making merry.

The teacher supposedly teaches science at the school and was allegedly sleeping right in the morning class at 9 am in the morning. The qualification of the said teacher Is M.Sc. B.Ed. ad is reportedly taking a fat salary home.

One of his colleagues clicked the pictures of this teacher with the intention to make fun however the picture spread like wildfire raging the anger of parents who send their children to the school.Teacher Sleeping in Classroom


According to media reports, the students in this school allege non-seriousness on the part of the academicians and regular classes are not a norm at the school.

The Chief Education Officer (CEO) Rajouri, Altaf Hussain, said that the teacher might have been sleeping at the recess time, at the same time, he added that sleeping in the class is a very serious offence and if found guilty action would be taken against erring teacher.

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