Teachers at Govt school harass a boy for two years; Boy commits suicide


Jammu and Kashmir

A sixteen year old boy, Gagan Kumar, studying at Government Higher secondary school in Nowshera is battling with his life on a ventilator at GMC, Jammu. The boy who committed suicide after alleged continuous physical as well as mental torture, by two teachers at his school, was saved after neighbours raised alarm. Gagan’s father is an electrician and the family struggles to make ends meet and the family struggled for two days before even getting a bed at the GMC. Gagan Hanging

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U4UVoice met with the family of the boy to get a window into the scheme of events that led to the boy committing suicide eventually.

Gagan’s family never took the marks on his legs or other places on the body too seriously since they reckoned that the boy must have been getting beaten at school for poor performance in studies. The sister who is privy to the events alleges that there are two teachers at the school, one an NCC teacher and another who teaches a subject at school had been harassing Gagan for two years now.

Gagan’s sister said, “Gagan wanted to join NCC last year in class ninth but had never been a performer on the academic front and as a result was not allotted a berth in NCC. The duo of the teachers would beat him up or threaten the child of dire consequences for no reason at all. We never paid attention to Gagan’s fears since we knew that he was weak in studies.”

She further added, “Gagan had just entered class 10 this year and was allowed to join NCC this year and he was really excited about it.”

However, she alleges, “The teachers never took kindly to Gagan and would Mentally torture him for the smallest of mistakes. The duo would say things like, we would hit you with shoes on the assembly stage or put a garland of shoes on you in the morning assembly and make you walk through the school. When it came to the matter of paying money for an NCC photo Gagan was late and these two teachers threatened him of Police arrest.”

Gagan’s sister says that all these things collectively took toll on the his mentality and on Friday when the threats of police arrest were repeated by the two teachers, Gagan came home when everyone was out and used a rope to hang himself.