Technology can play important role in ensuring reach of quality education: Priya Sethi


JAMMU, SEPTEMBER 29 – Minister of State for Education, Information and Culture Priya Sethi attended the prestigious ‘Asian Summit on Education and Skills’ (ASES) and the annual exhibition ‘Didac India’ held at Bengaluru, Karnataka.

The ASES is one of the major annual event which brings together Asian Education and Skill Ministers, Senior Policy Makers, Eminent Educationists and other key stakeholders to share and deliberate on various facets of education and training sector. The focus of summit is on industry-academia partnerships, implementation of policies, technology advancements and challenges in the education sector.

Describing access to quality education to all as a challenge among the growing economies of the sub-continent, Priya highlighted the role latest technology can play in ensuring the reach of quality education by making new modes of learning more accessible to the students. She said the policy makers have to contemplate on how to ensure that good quality education is made accessible to all students who have the ability and well informed motivation to benefit from it.

She said the state government is working with the motivation that ‘Knowledge is power, Information is liberating and Education is the premise of progress in every society and family.


“Our aim in the government is to facilitate and support a world class education system and respect autonomy of each institution in shaping its own destiny and be responsive to the needs of its student, communities and partners,” she added.

Stressing on role of Universities and other centres of higher education in the field of education, the Minister said these institutions are nerve centres of knowledge and play a pivotal role in conservation, dissemination and advancement of knowledge. She said quality education creates opportunities for enriching lives and careers of individuals besides providing skills for economic competitiveness, adding that research in higher education drives innovation in economy.

She said employment opportunities are directly related to the skills and knowledge that education helps to develop and spread among the citizens and countries who have been able to interlink the research activities with positive benefits for the society and individual lives have excelled at world level.

“I believe one of the worlds best education system would be the one which exhibits excellence in quality of teaching and all round students learning experience, excellence in research and excellence in community engagement and service of universities,” she added.

Priya also had separate interaction and productive sessions with N. Reguraj, M.D. NTTF, S.DEENDAYALAN CEO Centre for excellence and Samir Kagalkar Director Embarker. Various issues related to skill development of the youth of the state were discussed during the sessions.