‘Techvaganza 2k14’ kick starts in NIT Srinagar


Whereas Kashmir lacks the avenues to cater to the growing number of educated young, the National Institute of Technology is providing them with the practical training to be to self-sufficient to stand on their own feet.In its efforts to groom the emerging talent the National Institute of Technology holds its three day ‘Techvaganza 2k14’ a tech fest which kick starts here today at NIT campus.As per the authorities of this college the main purpose behind holding an event like this is wholly for the students to help them realize their hidden potential and develop human potential.“We hold it every year so that when students move out of the college they would not fear any challenge or technology,” says Mr Mir, a professor.

In this fest the college authorities have zeroed on those areas which according to them are potent and would be beneficial for the future of students.

“We have chosen those important areas have which can give an idea to the students to recognize those field in which future growth potential is high. It will help in raising their interests so that they will utilize this experience when they go out in field,” says M.F Lala Dean Student’s welfare.Commenting about the highlights of this Techvaganza 2k14 he says that there are different events which include Robotics, IT events, electronic events, tech fun, adventure sports. Embedded system workshop, college plans, Met Life workshops.Talking further about it Lala says engineering is more about practice so this fest will improve the technical potential of the young people studying in NIT.“Students get support of faculty and senior students – hence a trickle down approach is used.”

One more purpose the college authorities say to conduct the fest is to bring out the latent talent among children.“Students don’t get the required exposure over here – which is much needed and it happens because of lack of avenues in Kashmir. We don’t have industries here; we don’t have research laboratories so a student gets confused what to do when he jumps into the field. So to make his self-reliant we try things like this.”

To take a part in this festival students from different parts of India have travelled to Kashmir. There are around 52 students from across the country who are taking part in it.In addition to it, the local students from different universities and colleges have also registered for different events. Participants who are enthusiastic about this say: “it is an imperative and very significant step to nurture the fresh minds.”In the different class rooms of NIT the students are given the training about the latest technologies and happenings in the scientific world. As per tohe students it gives them a chance to get hands on training from the technocrats – which is a foundation for their careers.

“This is a boon for us that we are being trained from such faculty while living in Kashmir. This tech fest is definitely going to prove beneficial for me,” says Owais, a student.The day one is kept for conducting workshops and also for selection process – to shortlist the candidate for building projects in next two days.In one of the classrooms scores of students were writing the exam to get selected for building a reservoir. For building it college is providing all the material like bricks, sand. In this project the students will be divided into five teams, each with two or three members – after getting shortlisted.“Reservoir is used in power generation. It helps in testing the practical knowledge which students have acquired so far in their respective branches, says Mehmood, a B.Tech student.To introduce the students to nanotechnology – which has revolutionized the world – a workshop was also being held in another room. There were several other workshops going on in different branches of the college.Reputed teachers from all over the country, and also from other parts of the world are in NIT to impart the training to the students – in latest branches of engineering.

“In addition some national trainers we will also be having Professor from MIT US here with us in these days to hold workshop for the students,” says another student.Students from different parts of the country who are studying at NIT say that in addition to the training and practical experience they are also getting a chance to interact with the bigwigs of their respective fields — that they say will help them in shaping up their future.“I am from Punjab and I would tell you that I am feeling excited to be a part of this festival. I am lucky enough to be taught by the best of the faculty members and this fest came up as an opportunity for me – as I will be introduced to some certain people who I always dreamt of meeting in my life,” says Sumit, a student.

In addition to the workshops and trainings the students will also have some adventure and Smackdown is one amongst those.Talking more about it Mayank, who is also a coordinator of this event says that there will be two robots – that will push and drag each other out of a ring. The price money for the first winner in Smackdown is 5000, 3000 for second and 2000 for third.One more event like this one is Junkyard where participants will be provided with number of scrap pieces and they will have to formulate a mechanism out of it. Making up water rockets is another event called as Rock it up.In total there will be 40 events with 25 workshops – to be carried out with guest lectures.The innovations which students will make will be patented through National Innovation foundation. Plus the training students will get a chance to win prizes worth three lakh rupees.

By Lubna Reshi