Teenage boy grows breast on right side of his chest; doctors blame it on ‘over-consumption of fast-food’

New Delhi: Doctors at Zhejiang’s Wenzhou Central Hospital in China, just operated upon a 19-year-old boy, to remove a part of his right breast after it grew to the size of an A-cup bra.

The teenager from Cangan County in China’s eastern Zhejiang Province forts noticed the growth when he was 13.

As per a report in the Deccan Chronicle, his body was producing excessive female hormones, which had caused this condition, called gynecomastia.

The teenager, known by his pseudonym Xiao Yang, sought help from doctors after his uneven chest became more obvious.

His right side resembled that of a woman’s and his left, a man’s. Chief of Medicine Pan Zhongliang explained that hormonal imbalances young adults going through puberty were common, Deccan Chronicle reported.

Xiao had breast reduction surgery and was allowed home five days later.

According to Dr Pan, the hospital received almost 100 teenage patients with similar conditions each year and attributed the condition to an over-consumption of fast-food, which have gender-bending chemicals in them, the report said.