Teenaged students caught on cam during an ‘inappropriate act’ in Jammu school


JAMMU: A 13-year-old girl, studying in 7th standard high school girl has allegedly been caught on camera in an inappropriate postion with a boy of 8th standard, near the auditorium of a leading school in Jammu.The incident took place when the annual day function of the school was going on. The two minors barged into a small room near the auditorium and induldged in an inappropriate act. The teens had no fear even when they were fully aware that the school has cameras installed in every nook and corner.

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Few days later, it came to the notice of principal when he was shown the video of act by school supervisor. The girl and the boy were called upon and questioned. It was also found out that the girl had marked the letter ‘F’ with a cutter near her neck, as the name of the boy began with F. the parent’s of the wards were immediately informed of their misdoings and a suspension order has been issued to the students.Meanwhile the principal of the school has issued a strict instruction that no boy and girl must be seen roaming together in the school premisis and have warned students of dire circumstances.

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