TELL THE NEXT CM- ‘Bring us Infrastructure and Employment’

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TELL THE NEXT CM ABHISHEK- Lack of employment weighs on every mind. The state still needs to empower the education and infrastructure so as to to pave way for more employment generating sources for the youth.

Many remote constituencies are being ignored by the successive governments, depriving them of the needful things. The youth has been constantly complaining about the lack of job opportunities and privileged education. The residents want good infrastructure and industrial development so as to have more employment generating sources in the state itself, else they are made to move out for professional growth.
A resident of Khansahib, District Badgam says, “I will vote for whosoever assures to turn the tosamaidan into a tourist resort. It will bring employment avenues to the place. I believe the focus will be on who says what on the Tosamaidan, development is also an important issue.
The pending mini hydro electric projects have been left unattended, which certainly have the potential of employing thousands of youth.