TELL THE NEXT CM- ‘Why do we lack Professional Education?’

Tell the Next CM VICKY
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Tell the next CM Vicky – The poor educational set up here discourages students to seek higher education in the state. While some move out, some stay deprived. These factors act as barriers in the path of growth of education in J&K.

Lack of educational facilities further cuts down the employment generating sources.The one major thing keeping the remote towns at halt is the dearth of jobs. The youth wants to exercise his  education, but the state lacks sources.
The constant warring atmosphere and fear of attacks from across the border have impacted the prospects of education in Jammu and Kashmir.
The political situation in Jammu and Kashmir is not very conducive to development of education or any other form of industry asides tourism. But nevertheless, the Central and the State government authorities have tried their best to promote academics here. Free education is provided to students who come from poor families and cannot pay the fee for even primary education.
The literacy rate in the state is about 68%– that has witnessed a rise of nearly 10% but the state still lacks in Professional education and training.