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Terrorism Deaths in J&K: Civilians 13,920, Forces 4,922, Militants 21,777

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Jammu, January 15: With an average of eight terror-related incidents in a day, the Jammu and Kashmir State has continued to shed blood for the last 25 years in the name of Cross-border terrorism.

Here is all you need to know:


Since 1990 to 13th December 1015, a total of 69,387 terrorism-related incidents have taken place in Jammu and Kashmir. The highest number of terrorism-related incidents was reported in 1995 when the number was 5,938. It was followed by the year 1994, when 5829 incidents were recorded.

Lowest ever number of terror incidents were reported in 2013 i.e 170. After the year 2002, the number of terror incidents has shown a declining trend.


A total of 13,920 civilians have died in these incident since 1990. In 1996, highest number of 1,341 civilian killings were recorded followed by 1,031 civilians in 1995. A declining trend has been recorded here also from after 2003.


A total of 4,922 security personnel laid down their lives while fighting terrorists in the past 25 years. Security forces in Jammu and Kashmir suffered the maximum collateral damage in 2001 when 536 of their personnel were killed followed by 453 in 2002. It was brought down in 2012 when only 15 personnel lost their lives.

However, since 13 December last year, 39 security personnel have lost their lives.


A total of 21,777 terrorists have been eliminated from the state since 1990. A maximum of 2020  terrorists were killed in 2001 and 1,707 terrorists in 2002. In 2015, the Security forces succeeded in killing 105 terrorists.

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