Terrorists caught with Kashmir DSP were plotting big attack on Republic Day


Both the terrorists caught with the DSP in Kashmir were looking for a major attack on Republic Day. Sources say that the terrorists were plotting terror attacks in Punjab, Delhi, Chandigarh and Jammu. Some more terrorists also had to join the two terrorists.

The terrorist was caught with Naveed and his accomplice DSP Devinder Singh.

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Sources also say that DSP and terrorists have a connection.

For a long time, terrorists have been looking for a major attack. But every time his intentions are failing. At the same time, with the withdrawal of 370 and becoming a Union Territory, terrorists are plotting to make a big attack by air attacks on terrorist targets in PoK. The captured terrorists were also looking for a big attack.

It has also come to light that DSP Devinder Singh was operating several mobile phones. From these numbers he used to talk to the terrorists only. These numbers are also being investigated. These numbers are being tracked by phone calls, or social media.