Terrorists, girlfriends and an encounter : Real story of killing of Top commanders in Kashmir


Khalid, one of the oldest surviving foreign terrorists operating in Kashmir, was gunned down by the security forces in Baramulla on Monday.

What’s intriguing is the way the security agencies got a very specific intel about Khalid’s movement that led to a brief encounter in Ladoora in north Kashmir.

As it turned out, it was one of Khalid’s ex-girlfriend who told the forces about the top Jaish-e-Mohammed commander.

According to an India Today report, the woman walked into a senior cop’s office and said that she wanted Khalid dead.


She said that she would provide all information but her ex must be eliminated. She angrily referred to him as “Jahannum” (Hell).

It was she who told the security forces that Khalid was supposed to meet her in Ladoora.

The woman had relationship with Khalid for sometime. But when she got pregnant with his child, he flatly refused to acknowledge her or their unborn child.

Angry and heartbroken, the woman left the Valley and went to Jallandhar to abort her child.

She later returned to Kashmir to seek revenge form Khalid. There are reports that she was one of the 17 girlfriends Khalid had.

Trained in Pakistan, Khalid was also the mastermind of the attack on the BSF camp near Srinagar last week.

This is not the first incident in which a Jilted lover has turned to be police informer,In past also we have heard about this, Last Year One of the Top Hizbul Commander Burhan Wani was also trapped & killed due to information provided by one of his ex girlfriend,

In August, another terrorist, Abu Dujana of the Lashkar-e-Taiba, was killed when he was visiting a young woman. In that case too, his jilted lover had informed the police about his coordinates.

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