Thank you India, says French family which took shelter at Mumbai gurudwara


“One of our worst experiences in India turned (out) to (be) one of our best and we learnt a lot from you,” read the thank you postcard, written by Arie and Sophie Boleswaski and their three daughters to Dadar Gurudwara.

The French tourist family stuck in Mumbai floods on Tuesday went to three hotels in Dadar looking for a safe place before being directed to the Gurudwara. “We were lost in the rain, and your Gurudwara appeared like a lighthouse in the dark. Not only you provided us with a shelter, but you welcomed us with extreme kindness,” said Boleswaskis in the thank you note.

The family was offered dal khichadi for dinner and a small room by the Gurudwara officials as they were concerned about their safety.


As the family returned to their home town Paris, France, on Wednesday morning after the roads were cleared and transportation was resumed, but not without donating towards the cause of public welfare.

“Please accept this small contribution to everything you do for the souls in need. If you happen to come to Paris, please let us know,” said Arie and Sophie Boleswaski in the postcard.