The 9th class student who makes electricity for his village in Kashmir

Image Courtesy - The Tribune

Pulwama, November 5: Zubair Ahmad Kumar, who hails from Drabgam village in south Kashmir’s Pulwama district,  is a sudent of 9th class in the Government Higher Secondary School. He has developed a small scale hydroelectric power project to generate electricity for his village.

Image Courtesy - The Tribune
Image Courtesy – The Tribune

Zubair was working on the project for the last two years. It is the frequent power cuts happening in his village that made him think about developing a machine that can  harness water resources of his village and give electricity so that the villagers can have a sigh of relief from regular power cuts.

Zubair constructed the model with an aluminum sheet being used as channels for a wooden turbine that rotates on wood logs with bearings. Zubair generated 200 watts of power while giving a live demonstration of the model on a stream near his school.

This teenager has not only worked on device that can generate hydro power but has also developed a moving wash basin, a spade with a lid for digging sand that reduces wastage, a folding ladder for apple harvesting, a fan for blacksmiths that runs on electricity as well as on coke and a ‘samovar’ (pot to prepare tea) that works on electricity as well as on coke. He was in class 4th hen he started working on his first model.

“I have made a moving wash basin (a combo of ‘taesh naer’ in Kashmir) that can be operated by a single person and save time on marriage parties which otherwise needed two people to operate a ‘taesh’ and a ‘naer’ separately ,” the boy said.

“Also, I want to generate at least 500 kilowatts of electricity from my hydroelectric project so that at least half of his village could be saved from frequent power outages. For that I have starting working on a  real power project and purchased a dynamo and other apparatus”, he added

According to Zubair’s teacher, Hyderabad-based science society has approved his model and funded him to construct three working samples of spades. Some of his models have been submitted to the gyan cell of the University of Kashmir and are under consideration. Not just this, but Pulwama Deputy Commissioner Niraj Kumar has also promised to help him in constructing the bigger hydroelectric project.

This boy has been gifted with an extraordinary intelligence. He has also once made of gun and landed into detention on the charge of providing arms to militants but then he gave up the idea of developing arms and started working on projects that can be proven as a help to society.

“He is a genius. The only thing hampering his growth is the lack of resources. It is my genuine request to the authorities to nurture him and  put his talent to the best use”,  said  Zubair’s neighbour Bilal Ahmad.


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