The conversations that led to Kashmiri Vs Non-Kashmiri scuffle in Jammu


Puneet Gupta

The episode of #NIT Srinagar that is slowly turning into a national event almost, just almost repeated itself in a very famous engineering college in Jammu two days ago. That it did not snowball into a major controversy says a lot about the spirit of Jammu which needs to be praised and learned from.

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U4UVoice received the snapshots of the conversations that led to heated arguments among students from two groups – those from Kashmir and non-Kashmiris. Most students enroll into a graduation program anywhere in India at the age of 17 or 18.An engineering program finishes in four years for most again. Now the question that arises –

What were these teenagers, boys and girls, thinking when they decided to promote hate? Here are some of the images and text that has been blurred is not fit for anyone’s reading.

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Emotions have run high in the state and specially in the valley from the time the NIT Srinagar episode took form. The repercussions were for all to witness in the country and the non-locals are at present in the national capital trying to do the unthinkable in getting the NIT shifted from the valley.

Whereas anti-India sloganeering did not happen in Jammu, there were attempts by some odd elements to disturb peace in the winter capital. The evidently incendiary conversations did lead to a scuffle between the two groups but things never went out of hand.

Not only was the situation controlled brilliantly by the Engineering College’s administration and the issue sorted in a half an hour meeting which started at 2pm on Tuesday, but also there was no use of force.

What emotions can do to people was evident in the statement of some girl students from Kashmir studying in the Computer Science department who alleged rape. When asked by the college authorities, there were no names that came out.

It is plain that the young minds had been motivated to do what they could not and ideally should not have engaged in, in the first place. Full marks to the college authorities who handled the situation well and the equal credit to the students for not taking matters into their own hands. They prepared a list and submitted it to the authorities.

It is the responsibility of parents in our state to educate their children to not become victim of propaganda that has been led by a few members whose own children are safe and secure and living outside the country. The few members incite fires with their speeches and leave it at that. It is the youngsters who lose their lives and the only thing that is achieved is hate.

Taking a cue from the right people is the requirement in our state. Why should Kashmiri youth fall prey to the statements of those who sit in their comfortable dens?

Let us make a life and see the world!

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