The dirty side of Bahu Fort


CJ Pictures by Sandeep Singh

Bahu Fort that houses the temple of Bawe Wali Mata is a most visited place in Jammu during Navratras.

Although the authorities have done so many preparations like decorating it with flowers and lights, arranging food stalls, medical camp for the ease of the lakh of pilgrims who visit Bahu Fort during Navratras but then there is this dirty side of the fort completely neglected by the administration. Please take a look below:dirty side of Bahu fort (1)  dirty side of Bahu fort (2)  dirty side of Bahu fort (3)  dirty side of Bahu fort (4)   dirty side of Bahu fort (5) If maintained properly, the place could be of a great use and would have add to the beauty of Bahu Fort but the authorities choose to use it as a dustbin which is sad.

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