The Ghost of Burhan doesn’t leave Kashmir Valley


The event organised for the promotion of sports in the state of J&K in association with Khelo India- a govt programme for development of Sports inadvertently provided evidence of the prevailing Anti-national elements in the valley.


In the background, the wall painted with words “Shaheed Burhan”  , “Azadi” and “Pakistani Flag” tells the tale of the sentiments that have gripped the valley for long time.


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The picture shows the contrast of the agony that the Kashmiri youth suffers where attempts to connect people with mainstream and positive initiatives to ensure inclusive development takes place under the shadow of separatist forces who project militant Burhan Wani and others as the heroes of the Valley.


Burhan Wani, famed terrorist was killed by the Indian armed forces in an encounter last year. But the ghost of Burhan doesn’t leave valley as the separatist forces continue to scare, incite the respected citizens of the state with their false propaganda which has never done any good for them.


The people of valley who lead a precarious life under constant threats of Hartal announcements by separatists and posters by militant organisation Hizb Ul Mujahideen that warn them; their consciousness has been hijacked and are compelled to adhere to them.