The heart-breaking scene of a school in Kargil. Shouldn’t we care about Ladakh, the beautiful yet neglected province of J&K ?


The saddening pictures show the state of schools located in Kargil district in J&K. Middle School and Primary school situated in the Thella Brok region of Ladakh is remarkably similar to the refugee camps during the Civil War that broke out in Africa in 90s. It is unbelievable to see schools in such state in 2017 when on one hand the country is progressing to become one of the most powerful economies in the world.

The students are actually reading books inside a tent as seen. Also in another picture, the dilapidated state of the school structure look rather unsafe, not to mention the lack of electricity and other facilities. In urban areas, we send our children to private schools after paying the hefty fee where we expect all kinds of facilities in return but who will care for the children at here. Let alone, the quality of education and assessment standards, these students are deprived of the most basic needs that every human deserves. Should the progress happen at the cost of children and people residing in Ladakh? No one would disagree, that this situation is prevalent in other remote areas of the state as well as the country.


The state authorities should wake up from slumber and look at the reality that prevails in our state despite thousands of crores of funds bestowed on us. It is highly unfortunate that children of our state have to suffer through inhuman circumstances even after 70 years of Independence. After all, these are children of our own.

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