The Hurriyat’s Kashmir Vs The Kashmiri’s Kashmir


The Kashmir Valley is a beautiful place, probably the most beautiful place, a paradise on earth.

The people who have least benefited from Kashmir are Kashmiris. Digging just the surface of Kashmir presents an ugly face of decades of tragedy that resulted from a few men riding their whimsical horses.

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Only these few men had the acumen later to abuse the valley such that it conferred upon them riches unbeknownst to the Kashmir loving Kashmiri. It does not need a discussion to decrypt who are the men who have used and used again, the Kashmiri to become sultans of their own world.

The parliament debated the violence in the valley but not the cause and effect of the now 34 day old unrest.

The Prime Minister said that young Kashmiris who should be holding books and laptops in their hands, were instead given stones to hurl.

Just as India has azadi, so does Kashmir and this line found more interest than anything else said or discussed. This was because azadi as term is used more than any other word in the Kashmiri Vocabulary in Kashmir these days.

There are those who have never wanted any Kashmiri to experience the world. In fact, these people who largely fall in four major categories – the Pakistan army, Hurriyat separatists, political dynasts and local officials – do not want the Kashmiri to stay backward and be puppets to be employed for violence when there’s a need.

It is known well that the Hurriyat gets monthly ‘allowance’ from Pakistan’s ISI. To have so many people protest for over a month, you need some support. The constant funding is also a great means to support the education of their kin as well as kith outside the state and in many cases outside the country.

Their children study in universities in the US and Europe, while they instigate impoverished Kashmiri boys to wage jihad in the Valley. Kashmir is a money making enterprise for the Separatists, but the Kashmiri is too blind to see that in the lack of vocation opportunity.

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Pakistan only uses Kashmir to vex Delhi’s ambitions to become a Global power. It would be stupid to assume that Pakistan’s interest in Kashmir is an ego issue.

Another reason for raising Kashmir dispute was to get billions of Dollars in funds from the USA earlier and now from China, a country which has actively been trying to prevent India’s rise since time immemorial.

Pakistan’s care for the Kashmiri people reflects in the underdeveloped region of Pakistan occupied Kashmir which is still not connected properly by air or rail.

The local political parties including three generations of the Abdullahs and two of the Muftis have not done Kashmir much favour either.

Sheikh Abdullah’s history with Pt Nehru was a trigger for India hate. Farooq Abdullah, enjoyed a less noisier one with Rajiv Gandhi. The 1987 elections getting rigged saw the involvement of both.

The later political generation of both Omar Abdullah the Muftis have romanced with the Congress and the BJP, in the state and at the Centre.

Oddly, development passed Kashmir by for 70 years. Odd because no world famous tourism driven place in the country has stayed underdeveloped as Kashmir has.

Kashmir depends on an annual grant from the centre and working is no more a culture in the state atleast in the government sector. The government officials are some of the most corrupt and poor governance is rampant.

It is not as if big MNCs have not trying BPOs, IT services companies and infrastructure firms have tried, he said, but the local administration is corrupt and incompetent. And there is the threat of violence, the length of which cannot be predicted.

Kashmir can only rise when there is the opportunity for everyone to feed themselves with dignity. The Hurriyat or Pakistan for that matter have nothing in their vision to allow that to to happen in Kashmir.

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