The Indianness of Spirituality


Spiritualism is the inner quest for reaching the higher truth in life, thinking for enlightening the realities of life, for considering challenges of life, human values, and their evaluation. The values of Indian culture based on spiritualism have contributed a lot in channelizing the spirit of Indians throughout the ages. Hence, Indians have succeeded in maintaining their Indianness. Indian life is dominated by spiritual temperament.

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Indians have also developed philosophical thoughts and provided the world with systems of spiritualism in the form of philosophies like Yoga and Vedanta. The Vedas provide the basics of spiritual and moral life. In India, spiritualism is a legacy and a continuous tradition. The Indian scriptures covering every human emotion have made a great contribution to Indian spiritualism. Spiritualism also includes queries on the nature of God, the creation of the world, human values, and ethics which emphasize unity in diversity, and treating the entire universe as spread by one Almighty Brahma.

Some treat spiritualism as identical with religion. But it differs from religion. As the religion affirms a faith or belief about God’s supremacy over the beings and the matter, and the faith of man in the rituals and cultic practices. Whereas spiritualism encourages faith in the collective reality of the world and the oneness of God.

Spiritualism is the higher knowledge which helps man to rise above the worldly desires. It is also believed that a person without spiritual knowledge can never bring any worldly activity to success. Thus, there is great importance of spiritualism in Indian life.

Spiritualism calls for practicing such attitudes that man is divine by nature, since the Vedas call him as the offspring of the divine ( amratasya putra). The divine being resides in every being high or low, big or small; that every human being carries within him divine potentiality.

Spiritualism in India is a complete philosophy of human life, the correct way of living and right way of thinking. A spiritual man is one who is detached from the effects of karma (success or failure); who is devoid of self-interest, ego, who keeps himself in continuous communication with God, and hence is a messenger of God and the benefactor of mankind.

Spiritualism, a philosophy of values if adopted at large by people, would usher in a civilization that is socially just, emotionally integral, and aesthetically beautiful.